More about the Jimmy Smith boat

This is an email I had the other day from Brian Wishart, who came across this boat a few years back on Barra. Brian has kindly given his permission for me to use the contents of this email correspondence and the photos he took of the boat when he was on Barra.
DSCF3921_edited (1).JPG
Photo: ©Brian Wishart
Photo: ©Brian Wishart
Photo: ©Brian Wishart
Photo: ©Brian Wishart
Photo:©Brian Wishart


Hi Marc
Just noticed your correspondence with the new owner of this boat, and thought to send you the pictures I took of her a few years ago when in Barra for a day. She is also known to Robert Tait and possibly Jack too. I think Robert has been there and seen her, so will be best placed to comment on the details of when and by whom built at Allcrafts. 
Some interesting features I noticed – she was unusually high in freeboard c/f others of her size in Shetland of that era. She also has sidedecks and small foredeck in deteriorating ply which may or may not have been an original feature. I thought they looked original. The after deck/cuddy would be a distinct jimmy Smith feature, certainly original,  This all seems to point at a one-off boat built as an extra-safe daysailer to a spec specified by the owner. Her condition was remarkably good beneath the cosmetics. Removing the ply and maybe not replacing it would nearly be enough to get her going again. I happened to meet the owner’s son at the time who spoke about a sailing rig, possibly gunter main and jib, stored inside.

3 thoughts on “More about the Jimmy Smith boat

  1. Hi,
    It is good to see the progress that you are making.
    I have Peerie Maa, a 12 foot of keel amateur built whilly. 18′ over the stems and 5′ 2″ wide
    I would be happy to share info, not that her builder has been identified. Can any of your contacts advise how much ballast a Shetland model of her size might require?

  2. Re the Barra boat. This is almost certainly the boar that was commissioned and shipped to Barra for the then Doctor on Barra in the early seventies because my mother in law Peggy Angus had a ruined house on Barra and arranged for us to stow all sorts of useful things in the boat (for free transport). Our daughter Emma, who now owns the not so ruined house with her brother, has contact details of the doctors daughter if required. We went and saw the boat under construction in Jimmy Smihs Workshop before dispatch. It is possible I took a photo – can’t remember.

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