Drawings of “Spindrift”

MC 001 MC 002

These are the completed drawings of “Spindrift”. As described in the previous post, the sheer of the boat had to be re-constructed by way of identifying sheer line landmarks (tops of baands, and tops of hinnyspots (breasthooks) etc… A batten was then wrapped around the boat thus re-establishing a sheer line. Where other parts of the boat were missing then these were not re-established.


5 thoughts on “Drawings of “Spindrift”

  1. Hei Marc. Long time no see! I looked at your drawings and they are very nice and acurat. How many hours did you spend? One q. I see that you not have drawn the thickness on the boards where you see rhe boat from up . Is that how you do it ? It would maybe have been nice to see the variations in the thickness . But ofcourse much more work. I ve done it in my drawings . Are you drawing more boats ? Can I help ? Best regards.

    Oselvarbåtbyggjar Hallgeir Forstrønen Bjørnevik

    Den 21. okt. 2015 kl. 10:12 skrev “The Shetland Boat: History; Folklore & Construction.” :

    > >

    1. Hei Hallgeir,

      Jeg, help would be greatly accepted, I keep thinking of your painstaking accuracy when I document these boats. My method is a bit rough and ready as I have not much time to get this work done. I am particularly interested in hull-form and will be comparing crosss sections between different boats. I have noted the forward facing scarph appearing in Shetland boats on the halsin board (hals i Norsk). I am intrigued by this. Can I just check that on Oslevar boats this was done to make the fitting of the mid hals board easier? Yep, so, maybe we should skype soon Hallgeir, feeling guilty, as I have not been in touch with you or Kjell Magnus, I have had my head down just ploughing-on with research. I am hoping to document at least two more boats. I am in England visiting family this week with Rae and my sons. Maybe catch-up next week after 5th Nov? Cheers buddy, missing deg og Kjell Magnus. Hade PS. Hug og Kiss fra Rae X.

  2. The bow stem profile does not look like the profile in the photos. It looks too straight. I’d check that if I were you.

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